Initial Public Offering

CiiB is an independent financial advisory firm based in Paris.

Since 1983, the firm proposes and develops a complete and integrated offer to support its clients throughout their stock market and financial, from preparation to listing on the stock market.

Respect the regulatory and deontological obligations, diversify and renew the shareholding through an active policy of marketing the title, facilitate the movements and animate the listing, prepare the next fundraising (by capital increases or bond issues) from shareholders and investors… :our mission is to help you optimize and make the most of your stock market listing.

Since its creation, the firm has made more than 54 IPOs, and more than a hundred market transactions: capital increases, bond issues, M&As, …

CiiB attaches particular importance to the sustainability of the company and the balance of relationships between the different stakeholders of the company: managers, shareholders and investors, collaborators. This commitment is the guarantee of sustainable and successful development for its customers.


CiiB was founded by Jean SALWA, at the origin of the creation of the Second Market, in 1983, and is directed by Didier SALWA.

It is made up of experts in engineering, communication, financial analysis and back-office who possess an intimate knowledge of stock market and financial mechanisms for SMEs. These skills make it possible to offer total support on all topics of capital development, notoriety, and liquidity of capital, the 3 fundamental issues of a listed company. CiiB also offers comprehensive training for CEOs, CFOs, executives, and employees of unlisted companies in order to best prepare them for the financial mechanisms.


A real turning point for the company in terms of notoriety, credibility, and financial dimension, the IPO starts with a feasibility study that determines the company’s ability, strategy, and goals. The Listing Sponsor plays a decisive role in the IPO process, its presence being intended to enhance investor confidence. It ensures that the Issuer meets all the criteria required to be listed.

Our missions as Listing Sponsor during the IPO

Our duties include (without limitation) the assistance of an Issuer in the application for admission to trading of the relevant securities as defined by the Market Rules and the admission process in general:

  • Evaluate the Issuer’s ability to be listed on the stock market through a feasibility study, including a valuation range for the company’s shares
  • Participate in the drafting of the Information Document (or the EU Prospectus in the event of a public offering)
  • Coordinate the due diligence process with all partners involved in the transaction (Euronext market operator, AMF regulator, lawyers, statutory auditors, banks, investment service providers, investors, existing and potential shareholders
  • Ensure that the Issuer complies with its financial disclosure obligations as a listed company.


Throughout its stock market, the company must comply with a set of legal and regulatory obligations, from  multiple sources: business law, AMF (Autorité des Marchés Financiers) regulations, Euronext market rules, etc. Compliance with these transparency requirements makes it possible to give credibility to the approach. of the business and to have trusted relationships with the financial community.

Our missions as Listing Sponsor approved by Euronext

  • Compliance with legal, regulatory and ethical obligations in accordance with the rules in force (Euronext Access and Growth Market Rules)
  • Support of relations with the market authorities (AMF, Euronext)
  • Management and dissemination of privileged, regulated, permanent information
  • Annual Certificate of Compliance with the Market Abuse Regime (MAR)
  • Notification of changes in governance and shareholding
  • Reporting of transactions made by the management
  • Establishment of the list of insiders
  • Eligibility PEA & PEA-PME (Plan d’Epargne en Actions & Plan d’Epargne en Actions for SMEs)
  • Organization of an Annual Investor Presentation
  • Monthly declaration of the number of shares and voting rights
  • Reminder of obligations in the event of failure and provision of advice to remedy them

Financial Engineering

The success of a growth company depends on the quality of its management and strategy. CiiB accompanies its customers on all the complex operations that these are inevitably brought to realize as part of their development policy: Capital Increases, Bond issues, M&As, Crossed Partnerships, Free Share Attributions, Warrants, Search grants, Strategic consulting, IPOs, Public offers, Fundraising,  Transfers to Euronext Access + / Growth, Choice of intermediaries, Assistance in drafting the Reference Document and the EU Prospectus in the event of a public offering

Financial Analysis

Point of passage for all companies, whether listed or not, the financial analysis focuses on accurately restoring the valuation of a company in a stock market perspective. It includes an in-depth analysis of the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT), industry, and competition. It involves an exhaustive and detailed review of the company’s accounts, an analysis of its business model and the constitution of its main accounting aggregates. The financial analysis is based on different valuation methods, which, once weighted, lead to an accurate estimate of the value of the company.

Consulting, strategic advisory

Going beyond the only regulatory financial reporting requirements will allow the company to use its stock market listing as an unparalleled vector of brand awareness and visibility, and to gain a decisive competitive advantage. Financial communication can be viewed as the ongoing relationship between society and the financial community and a long-term process.


  • strategic advice
  • construction of the equity story
  • Shareholding Analysis (TPI)
  • Investor Relations / Analysts / Shareholders / Economic and financial journalists / Employees
  • Image and stock market studies
  • Strategies of conquest and loyalty
  • Training leaders
  • Q & A


  • Press Releases
  • Slideshows / Presentations
  • Executive Summary
  • Letter to shareholders
  • Annual reports
  • Institutional brochures
  • Commercial brochures
  • Press Review


  • Site visits
  • Shareholder meetings
  • General Meetings
  • Press lunches
  • Investor / Analyst Meetings
  • Roadshows
  • Press / TV / Radio Interviews
  • Phone Relations


  • Media Campaigns
  • Investors section website
  • Social networks
  • Video presentations
  • Dissemination of press releases to the bases of analysts, investors, & journalists
  • E-newsletters

Establishing a financial communication strategy is essential for:

  • develop an interest movement to buy and sell stocks
  • thus facilitate the realization of capital increases

For this, CiiB has created C3P, a financial communications agency specializing in small-cap stocks. Thus, C3P offers you definition, implementation and annual management of your financial communication media plan according to shareholder targets and capital strategy.